Yesterday, after having played indoor football (80 € an hour for 10 players...) I went fr a dinner in Aix en Provence, one of the prettiest poshest city in France... We had tapas and wine, but of course, the tapas do not come with the wine, you order it (and you pay it...) it was ok, but still expensive and when I ask her (kind of a joke) if the tapas where free, the waitress actually did not really know what is the concept behind tapas (you don't pay it, it's part of the drink, except for the pinchos maybe) Anyway! But after that we went for an another drink on the Richelme Square, the square of the daily market, for sure one of the nicest square in Aix. But would you believe me that we paid 12 € for a Caïperinia!!!! I know it was maybe 1 am (it's more expensive after 10:30 pm) but still! Let's say, it was a good experience of being back in France but I think I'm gonna stop this kind of experiences... :)