So as planned, holidays are over and I start my search for becoming a chef. First of all, as explained to some of you, I have to work for a couple of months in order to get a special program called C.I.F. (Congé Individuel du Formation) which is an opportunity for everyone that worked enough in France to undergo a training in the field that he'd like, cooking in my case. But in my case I did not yet work enough to be entitled such a scheme so I first have to work at least 2 months cause then after, they (the organization in charge of collecting that money) will pay for my training as well as for my salary (around 60%) which is pretty cool! So I decided that I will work as a waiter, it will be fun and I'll see the front part of the restaurant! ;-) I roughly check the job ads on the net and I found 2 or 3 pretty interesting one involving working for a "nice" gastronomic restaurant... but apart from not having an experience in the field of serving (but it's not really a big deal) i also don't know how to cut a fish in front of customer cause as in Goa, the restaurants on the beach side in summer tend to serve fish, but contrary to Goa, the waiter has to separate in a nice way the fillet! So I went today to meet the head chef (Really cool guy) in the training centre (where my mother actually works) to see how to make it happen. And he told me that the whole project sounded good and that I should not worry about serving food, they will provide me a two days special training! So next week I start!!! (I told you, holidays were over!) By the way the restaurant I was talking about are "L'abri côtier", restaurant beach lounge... and "Le bar de la marine des goudes".

Otherwise, I need a bike!!! (My bullet is not coming before 2 months...) So I've started to look at some options... it has t be a 125cc as I'm not (yet) allowed to ride a more powerful bike, but it has to be cheap, less than 1000 euros (I already feel the difference of prices between France and India), will see what I can find... (I have some ideas... it's gonna be a trial, so yam XT, suzuki DR or so...) Actually I checked with the police and it will cost me 18 euros to get an official translation of my Indian driving licence which will allow me for the coming year to ride any bike!!! (I need a proof that I am in France for less than a year also...) So I guess I'll start to look for a bigger bike! ;-) (And I'll have to pass my bike driving licence within this year for 400 euros only!) cool!

See you!!!!

Edit : I checked my rights with the organization and I will have to work 4 months to get my training paid, so I'll start as soon as possible!!! Some new news soon!